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Rafa.L (France)

Updated: May 13, 2020

Brother in Sticker Art: Rafa.L

Stickers in the street from: 2013

City: Toulouse

State: France

1 - Introduce your sticker art project

In a wheelchair myself, I first wanted to replace the cars in the road signs with the handicap logo, to remind people not to see us as vehicles but people above all. And very quickly I realized that it was not enough as a message and that i had to be more precise by explaining that disabled people were cool too. That's how I noticed that I could write the word COOL with the "C" of the wheel and the "L" of the leg of the guy.

J'SUISCOOL in french mean I'MCOOL

By this project I want to be positive and show the other side of these people who live well with their disability and can be COOL too. I also want to put the handicap on the street to give it a more rebellious and less sick side, as many people see it unfortunately.

For 4 years I made exhibitions on cardboards 60X40cm in very different public places. But to touch more people and discovering the world of the sticker, I thought it would be perfect for my project, which I wanted to give a rebellious and lively side to break the image of disability.Stickers are a realy good way to travel the world and its cheap. And i love stickers since i was 10 years old.

I only work on computer with photoshop, which is the only way for me to be independent. In my day life i need help everyday for everything. With computers i'm free ;). I print my work at a professional printer.

I wish and hope is to touch much people as i can and give smile ;)

2 - In what creative ways have you collaborated with other sticker artists?

I have not yet collaborated with other artists for lack of contacts and opportunities, but thanks to some, my stickers travel.

3 - Have you ever organized an event about sticker art? If not, you can write something about an event you have attended

I contacted French celebrities and artists to make a photo with my stickers. very difficult to collaborate and to have answers but some people have played the game and I continue from time to time. One of my drawing served in a TV series setting. Always looking for other volunteers ;)

4 - What are your future projects in the world of sticker art?

My next project is to deposit stickers notebooks in the street, then people will have to deposit somewhere else after having read it and thus make it travel.

5 - What sticker artists do you admire or are important to you?

Oak Oak, Jinks kunst and Shepard Fairey.



Facebook: Rafa.L

Instagram: rafa_l_stickers

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