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MyCuteCreatures (Romania)

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Sisters in Sticker Art: MyCuteCreatures

Stickers in the street from: 2008

City: Craiova

State: Romania

1 - Introduce your sticker art project

Back in 2007-08, I was about 16-17 and really into hip-hop and graffiti. It took me a while to discover the sticker art but it was love at first sight. At first my creatures we’re very simple . They were somehow looking like me, super fluffy and with big eyes :-) Even now people still say they look like me. I guess every artist is a reflection of his art, and vice versa. The message is happiness, I want people to smile for a second when they meet my colorful creatures on the grey streets, to create a little bit of good energy in this world full of suffering .

I like experimenting. Sometimes I’m hand drawing them, sometimes I’m digital drawing them and then print them. I also tried screen printing or spray painting . It’s all fun!

I simply love stickers!!!! Like real love! They bring me joy and I’m very grateful to be a part of this colorful movement. My project is all about sticker culture. I do sticker trades, sticker collaborations , I even organized in 2014 the first sticker exhibition from my country: "Stick Around".

2 - In what creative ways have you collaborated with other sticker artists?

At the moment I have a collaboration project in which I am sending one of my creatures to different artists and they can personalize it as they wish, in their own unique style. Then I print the best collabs into stickers, but, to be honest, I am printing them all J)) I simply love them all!!! It is amazing to see all this creativity and all these transformation the creature is having. I want to get involved as many artists as possible and maybe do a sticker book with all of them. I’ve always thought, even since I started my sticky journey, that collaborations are bringing us closer when we are spread all over the world. When I am pasting a collab on the streets is not only my art, but also the art and energy of another artist and this makes me feel really content with what I am doing.

3 - Have you ever organized an event about sticker art? If not, you can write something about an event you have attended

Yes, Stick Around, it was the first of its kind in my country. It was a huge event, over 10000 stickers and paste ups involved , thousands of artists from all over the world. It was hard! But it was amazing! Absolutely amazing!!! I still need to do the second edition, which I want to be even greater.

4 - What are your future projects in the world of sticker art?

I just want to continue what I am doing, to do it better and better, to learn and to grow. I want to be a significant part of the sticker world as stickers are a big important part of my own world.

5 - What sticker artists do you admire or are important to you?

Ahhh there are sooo many, you, Mr. Stelleconfuse are definitely one of them, because I remember our first trade back in 2009-2010 and your sticker exhibitions and combos and traveling, and I am so glad you are still in the game, sharing all this love for stickers. There are so many people I admire that I don’t even want to give names knowing I will surely miss some of them , basically everyone who is out there pasting stickers on the streets is my brother/sister in sticker art and they have all my love and respect. I feel we are one huge family and trading and collaborating is our way of staying together when we are miles and miles apart.


Email: flaviaverda@yahoo.com

Instagram: mycutecreatures

Facebook: mycutecreatures

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