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PlanetSelfie (Germany)

Brother in Sticker Art: PlanetSelfie

Stickers in the street from: 2016

City: Cologne

State: Germany

1 - Introduce your sticker art project

PlanetSelfie was released in 2016 first in Cologne and then in Berlin, now also internationally at hotspots like Athens, NewYork, Warsaw, London, Rio, Tokyo or Rome!

Starting from the growing number of selfie poles and arms including strange duck faces in front of cultural highlights of a city, PlanetSelfie starts his private little campaign with small pasteups to hold up the mirror to Selfism! Did he make it?! Not even close! But he stays on the ball and continues to stick handmade and handcolored selfie paste-ups to make people think or even just to make them smile.

His first character was the monkey from the movie "Planet of the Apes" - from the novel from 1963, which was later filmed in 1968! Here, the monkey symbolically stands above the evolution of man but stupidly makes as many Selfies as the human race!

All his stickers and paste-ups are hand drawn, then copied and, most of them, hand colored, which is not always possible due to the high demand!

2 - In what creative ways have you collaborated with other sticker artists?

More than 100 collaborations fill his portfolio: always ready to put a mobile phone

in the hands of characters from artists.

3 - Have you ever organized an event about sticker art? If not, you can write something about an event you have attended

At the big pasteup festivals as well as at the small sticker fairs, he shows himself nationally and internationally to make his community happy!

4 - What are your future projects in the world of sticker art?

As co-founder of the "Levve un Levve losse" movement (#nohatefamily), he made many new virtual friends and focused his art on Love! When spring arrives, after the winter studio time, he goes out into the streets and onto the walls of the world as an exhibition for people with the message: less egoism and more love for everyone!

5 - What sticker artists do you admire or are important to you?

There are many role models - to name them remains my secret - but the entry succeeded via Joiny and Ostfug!



Instagram: planet_selfie

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