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Rubinski (Germany)

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Brothers in Sticker Art: Rubinski

Stickers in the street from: 2007

City: Cologne

State: Germany

1 - Introduce your sticker art project

I was bored at university :D and handcrafted my own stickers to pass some time ..;) first it was only eyes and mouthes ..;) and my little brother explained me later that its called eye-bombing :D:D

I started with really small silhouettes and pieces... which were supposed to open peoples eyes for the small things in life ..;) Later I got bigger and bigger because most people they just didn’t notice ::D:D

Mostly I paint thereby hand or stick other stickers together to create a new character ..;) but that just makes the slapping easier ..;) then i saw that other artist have way more sticker... soon started designing some on themas and get them printed..

I send them for free all over the world... all I want back is a picture of the placed sticker :) Sometimes i also sell them on Stickereventslike Berlin Klebt or Urban Up in Leipzig, germany. I also have printed skateboards and t-shirts and hoodies which i sell if people are interested:)

I love doodle art and fineart drawings... so i don’t stick to a certain style even tho it develops more and more into my own style ..;) but i like to experiment and try new stuff and materials ..:)

2 - In what creative ways have you collaborated with other sticker artists?

I have included other characters into my designs and we got them printed or I collaborated with different models and drew them from a picture or in real life and later on repainted them on my graphic tablet :)

I collaborate with everyone, who send me stickers, by creating new characters that include the stickers have been sent to me ...and each piece is unique ..;)

3 - Have you ever organized an event about sticker art? If not, you can write something about an event you have attended

I was at the "Berlin Klebt" last year the it was very funny and interesting to meet the people behind the stickers… and finally have a face to my sticker buddy is already new ..;) i was only sad that some people only wanna make monkey with our stickers... so i don’t know if i will go there again... D: this year I will be part of the "Urban Up" exhibition in Leipzig... Looking forward how this is gonna be ..;)

4 - What are your future projects in the world of sticker art?

I want to design more funny smoking stickers which the german people like a lot ..:) and also new avatar-collars are planed and coming up this year :) most of my ideas develop very fast and i realize them very fast :D:D

5 - What sticker artists do you admire or are important to you?

First one i really noticed was joiny joy in Cologne and I was surprised how many pieces there were in the city... his ideas were funny and I liked the style ..:) later I met 1fachbeste who I admire for his 3D pieces ..


Website: rubinski.

Instagram: rubinski_art

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