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Valda (Italy)

Brother in Sticker Art: Valda

Stickers in the street from: 2008

City: Cesena

State: Italy

1 - Introduce your sticker art project

My work wasn't born just like sticker art project. I created a logo that had to sign some canvas, then I wanted to spread it. At the beginning I still didn't have an idea of the power of the web... so I made stickers to spread it.

My logo-face does not want to communicate a specific message. I only know that it must be neither a political nor an erotic message. I just want people to see it ...

My stickers are designed on the computer and later printed, rarely I do anything by hand.

I spread my stickers for the spirit of freedom! My project was born as a game, I wanted to see my logo everywhere but since I can't travel for various problems ... even today it remains a game

2 - In what creative ways have you collaborated with other sticker artists?

Yes, I did a lot of collaborations. I remember in particular the one created for the "Spread Love Project" (what happened to Hebenoltz?).

3 - Have you ever organized an event about sticker art? If not, you can write something about an event you have attended

Yes, several combos created on panels in various pubs or clubs in my city, but have not been too successful. I did this too soon maybe...

4 - What are your future projects in the world of sticker art?

Future project is... fun without ever stopping!

5 - What sticker artists do you admire or are important to you?

Everyone and no one. When we were few to spread stickers I complained because people didn't understand this form of art... now that we are many, I regret the old days where we were few but good.


Instagram: valda_gump

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